I. love. weddings. There, I said it. I fawn over the flower arrangements, the rings, the lace, the dress!!!! I may obsess with you over your wedding decisions – we’ve been working together toward your wedding for so long, I love to see the end results of all your hard work. My favorite moment of the day is always just after the bride dons her wedding gown and takes a deep breath. The glimmer in her eye, the soft smile at her lips. The moment where she, in her heart, knows this is the moment that will change her life forever. I am a wedding photographer and this is how I tell your story.

From our first greeting, I aim to meet with you in person; this way we can ask each other questions regarding your wedding day and I can get to know you and your fiance and hear how your love story began. We walk through the timeline of your day to ensure each event has sufficient time to be captured. I love utilizing your engagement session so we may have the opportunity to work together before the wedding, gain your trust and confidence, and help you both to be comfortable in front of the lens on your wedding day.

My goal is to establish a relationship with each of my couples; I love that even after our working relationship is complete, my couples and I have developed fast friendships, and we continue to work together as their family grows.

I want you to be confident in the decision of your photographer. You deserve to have your special moments captured beautifully so you can treasure them for years to come. I would love the honor of being your perfect photographer to tell your fairytale ending..