Kendall and Alex were married this past March at Cascades Baptist Church and had their beautiful emerald reception at Cascades Manor House, both in Jackson, Michigan.  

I have known Kendall for many many years, at least a dozen!!  His mom was also my daughter’s day care teacher for 3 years, so to say I was honored to capture his wedding to the gorgeous Alexandria was an understatement.  

Emerald tones were prevalent throughout their details and the dark green earrings blended so well against Alex’s skin.  

Alex was so smitten and giddy all morning, she couldn’t sit still.  Marrying the love of your life does that.  lol   Outwardly, Kendall looked completely opposite.  Composed, chill, but very quiet.  I could tell he was just ready for it to be done and announced they were husband and wife!!   

Their first look had me in tears.  I absolutely love getting to witness the first meeting of bride and groom.  As they embraced, it was the first moment that day that I physically saw Kendall’s shoulders relax and the weight of anticipation leave him. 

Well, enough about me gushing about Mr and Mrs Khon, I’ll leave the photos to you to view and adore.