Story time!

First of all, this couple is downright amazing and daring. Kaelyn wanted the PERFECT location for their session. She really really wanted willow trees at golden hour and a friend of hers had some trees in her yard in Holt. So, Kaelyn and Brian drove up to Holt this week and she texted me so excitedly. “It’s perfect, there are willow trees, a pond, a field, AND a row boat!” Then a half hour later I get another text. “Soooo that was my friend’s NEIGHBOR’S yard!”

Kaelyn used her powers of persuasion and had her friend ask the neighbor if we could use their property. They so sweetly obliged and said use whatever where ever! They even made Kaelyn’s dream come true by finding the oars to the row boat and brought out a towel for my couple to use. This area literally fell into our lap on Tuesday and it could not be more perfect. I felt like I was in a scene from the Little Mermaid all evening!